Biophilic moods for everyone

Folia Haus is a Toronto based boutique plant shop and interiorscape provider

Why Folia Haus

At Folia Haus we strive to bring you foliage to add life and colour to your environment. We're on a mission to help you improve your health and wellbeing because we truly believe that biophilia is a necessary mood.

Folia Haus Services

  • Design: What does your biophilic mood look like? Urban jungle or mediative zen? We will work with you to design the best biophilic mood for you.

  • Source: Souring the right materials can be a bit overwhelming. So why not leave the dirty work to us? We've partnered up with some amazing folks to bring your biophilic mood to life.

  • Maintain: Alright, so you've designed and sourced your mood - now what? Let's keep it thriving! Our services includes watering, monitoring, and pest control.

*Virtual consultations are available.

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bio·​phil·​ic | bio·​phil·​ia

A desire or tendency to commune with nature and other forms of life to improve health and wellbeing.

The biophilia hypothesis by Edward O. Wilson